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abandoned cars blocking sleepin cul-de-sacs in a sleepy town...

Oct. 31st, 2005 | 09:59 pm
// feeling: accomplishedhappy...and stuff.
// on the ipod: Tiesto - In Search of Sunrise 3

...kept awake only by the damn teenager's busting system which thumps tuneskis untill the wee hours of the morning.

numbers game.
- the number of GBs of music.
240:26:27 - the number of hours (240), minutes (26), and seconds (27) it would take to play every track.
2977 - the number of individual tracks
1137 - the number of different artistsfrom 1137 different artists,
126 - the number of whole albums
33 - the number of live dj sets from clubs/raves
545 - the number of tracks that aren't off a cd or dj set.
671 - the number of tracks that the Bonkers series has.
23 - the number of albums and live sets Tiesto takes up.
122 - the number of tracks that Tiesto either produced or included in his mix on my computer.
31:12:05  - the number of hours (31), minutes (12), seconds (5) it would take to play every Tiesto track.
46 - the number of tracks the second most person has, Scott Brown.
29:31 - the most played section of any album, the first 29:31 of "In Search of Sunrise 3"
123:47 - time it takes to play my longest continous audiofile, Armin Van Buuren - "A State Of Trance ep200"
00:06 - time it takes to play my shortest continous audiofile, Hemmesphere - "Welcome To Hemmesphere 3"
1444 - the number of tracks that havn't been played in the last 4months.
9/11/03 - the date the first track on my computer was put on,  Plummet - "Damaged (Neo & Farina remix)"
3 - the number of headphones hanging over my bedhead at the moment.

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operator, i need to speak to god.

Oct. 31st, 2005 | 06:09 pm
// feeling: optimisticmy eyes can really do that
// on the ipod: Work Institute ft. Morika Elek - "Libertina"

that that this, this this that. The 2006 MOS Annual is on the shelves. As is Hemmesphere 4. Aswell as, to my surprise, Tiesto's classic Magik series (1-7), which well, to my surprise, coz i've never seen them all together on the shelf before, and i kinda lost hope, it being such an old series.

The 2005 DJmag Top 100 Dj's results is out.
Heading the list, this year, Paul Van Dyk, finally ending Tiesto's 3 year reign.

01. Paul Van Dyk.
02. Tiësto.
03. Armin Van Buuren.
04. Sasha.
05. Ferry Corsten.
06. John Digweed.
07. Hernan Catteneo.
08. Deep Dish.
09. ATB.
10. Carl Cox.

for the rest of the chart, hit http://www.djmag.com/top100-entry-form.php#stop

Did anyone catch the International Rules football game the other night? Fuck thats some entertaining stuff. Like... Like... Of State-Of-Origin proportions. Like the 'um-how-many-again' punch ons, the constant shoulder barging, the forehead-to-forehead yelling, the hands-in-the-face, the shirts-over-the-heads, the all in brawl, the flying clothesline from Chris Johnson, and the taking down of 3 MORE players after that. Fukn Psycho. But clap clap to the guys, i mean, ok, so wtf was i doing up at 2.00am watching Football, but mate no way was i sleeping with that on.

Hit Parra-Westies today. Picked up a few things for the formal. And went underwear shopping lol coz mum recon's that on our 10day trip to the Entrance with the boys, i'm going to need more decent jocks to flaunt. Oh yea. went a bit crazy. Baught a couple of tees. and my uh dressy shirt for formal. Funny thing is how for a first, i didn't have to order in a shirt size. Buuuuttttt yea i spoke to soon. Anyways so i got my Asics Tigers Baja's got ordered. yes thats right, the velcro ones :D. Mum recons i shouldve got the lace-ups but their a bit, um, everyones gotem. Yea so anyways it means ima hafta slide a trip back to Parra sometime this week to pick em up. Glad though coz i guess i get to have baked potato again :D

Everythings so fukn dandy (mandy). Summer's around the corner, and even though i normally hate it lol, this years gonna be special. Weekend i get out from my HSC, it's T's big 18th. THAT Tuesday is my Formal. Then the Afterparty. The next day me n the boys leave for 10days to DG's beachhouse at the Entrance. Amazing.


The essential mix.

//this week's tuneskis
ATFC ft. Lisa Millet - "Sleep Talk"
The Lab Rats presents The Experiment ft Lisa Millet - "Music Is My Way Of Life (Lab Rat's Main Experiment)" [Tune of the week]
Yahel - "Devotion (Armin Van Buuren's Rising Star mix)"
Armin Van Buuren ft. Justine Suissa - "Wall Of Sound"
Above & Beyond - "Alone Tonight"

//classic of the week
Work Institute ft. Morika Elek - "Libertina"

//cd/mix of the month
Dean Calabrese - "The House Than Brese Pounded"

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you still have a hold on me.

Oct. 26th, 2005 | 01:33 pm
// feeling: awake is the new sleep.
// on the ipod: Sash! - "Stay"

Theres something about Joe's place that always gets us all chilled out and relaxed. Maybe coz it's funner than Wonderland used to be in it's prime days. Anyways so we hit Joe's yesterday after the Italian boys had finished their Italian HSC for a nice layed back afternoon. I think we only anticipated being here for a coupla hours, to properly organise our lil 10 day road trip to The Entrance. But i guess, as you come to expect at Joes, from the second you press the button on his front iron gate and it opens and Joe's voice echoes on the intercom "come straight through to the games room"... you just know thats not all you're going to get up to.

By the time i get down the his 200m long driveway, and eventually round to the games room, i open the door to find, as per usual, all the boys kicked back eating pasta. The bells of the pinball machine still ring in my ears and the flashing lights still there when i close me eyes.

Hit the tennis court for some knockouts lol. Kinda a laugh when only two people out of all ten of us are capable of hitting the ball back properly over the net.

We got the paddy basher started. Didn't look to healthy with the massive cavity smack bang in the middle from the tree Joe his before. But, we got it started. and we got it going. and we got a few helly's in between trees and shit. Not the smartest idea we ever had. and there were a few close calls. but all made for a good laugh. Then Joe's dad egged the car as it went past. Chilli Chilli racing. Andrea's and DG's cars went round for a few hellys aswell. Joe's grass is absolutely ripped.

Eventually it got a bit hot and we all hit the pool. Bit of 4 on 4 watervollyball. lol we're so fukn lame. But it nonetheless all good. Got a bit agressive, few flying balls to the head and bit of wrestling under the net during the change of ends. They won. They were all tall. My short team struggled in the deep end lol.

Out of the pool they pulled out the Js. And along with it came the laughs.
"oh shit it fell off it's only the filter left... oh wait it's still good theres some on the corners"

"right who ate all the pasta sauce"
"i had 4 plates"
"you big gaylord"
"ah wells Chinese it is then"

dancing in the dark, pumping Sash's all time greatest's hits. "adelante"..."stay".
bit of Puff Daddy - "come With Me" got everyone pumped.

ordered $90 worth of Chinese takeaway.
"send the rainbow steak".
"Shit theres no rainbow left"
"i got a surprise"
"whats the surprise"
*enter joe with more rainbow
"oh fukn mad more rainbow"
"is that you're big surprise???"
"Dean fuck you get out, you're not getting any. not even any onions".
"see this onion, *eats it* that was you're onion".

"Do they know we're wacked?"
"i think we hide it well"
"stils did you know we're wacked"
"i've never seen people wacked before"
"ohhhhh yes we hide it well"
*hi5s all around.
"Daz are my eye's red?"
"oh shiiiiitman, these eye drops don't do anything"
"i can't take eye drops, my eyes are allergic to them"

"Hay dean i dare you to eat allll that chilli".
"Fuck send it here, ill eat it"
"OMG guys we have a groundbreaking situation, daryl has decided to eat the chilis"
"Wait leave me a couple"
"you fukn have chilli's in everything you eat"
"oh shit watch he's eating it"
"Ahhhhha it burns ah"
"daz man you're really gonna hafta talk English for me to understand what you're saying, i'm wacked"
"you're always wacked".
"No but right now, im wacked wacked. i havn't been this wacked in wacky"

"we've come to the conclusion that if you were to loose both you're arms mick, you'd still be able to smoke gunji, coz you could hold it with you're toes"
"man thats just fukn wrong"
"nah serz Mick show everyone you're toes"
*Mick shows everyone his toes
*folds all his toes cept his middle toe, which dead set looks like he's sticking his rude finger up" .
"man you're wacked".
"youre second toe is bigger than your big toe".
"you recon if you didnt have all 10 toes you could still walk?"
"nah you need them for balance n shit, if you didn't have em all you'd be off balance"
"piss off the pinky toe doesn't do shit"

"if you could have ANY wish come true right now, what would it be"
"1000 more wishes"
"thats not a wish"
"yea it is"
"nah thats a bullshit wish, you'll have 999 wishes and you're last one would be 'another 1000 wishes', you can't do that, i've seen Aladin"
"OHHH ALADIN lets go watch Aladin"
"Yea i got it inside let's go inside"
"nah man mums home, we're all wacked"

"we'res the big House?"
"that's a reallly dumb question to ask in this area"
"Nah but like the big big house"
"still a dumb question"
"ohh nah i get what you're talking about"
"Nah miles away."
"Catherine Field's isn't it?"
"Or Raby"
"Used to be Raby, but now Catherine Fields, Raby, Catherine Fields, Raby"
"yea Catherine Fields"
"Yea used to be Raby, Catherine Fields"
"wtf. That entire conversation just consisted of the word's Catherine Field's and Raby"
"Ha we're wacked"
"are you wacked?"
"Yea i'm wacked."
"imagine you're mum asked you that, what do you do mannnnnnn?"
"she has, she found weed in my jacket once."
"this very jacket"
"yeaaaaa that very jacket"
"That's when you know you're wacked, when you punch drugs with you're mum"

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dreams dreams can come true.

Oct. 24th, 2005 | 06:38 pm
// feeling: crazytime warp.
// on the ipod: Hemstock & Jennings - "Crimson Soil"

it's tuneski-update-monday.

The past few days been way-too-relaxed.
Saturday - Brese, Joe and Ahmad hit my place for "maths study". Ended up buying KFC, stopping the Home Icecream tuck, and starting yet another La Golf De Casa Tournamento. Brese razzled like everything else he does. Then again his brother Matt kills HIM at everything. He's one of those genetically enhanced people. Like a tomato.

Cross house putt putt got too passive so eventually pulled out the clubs and hit the Integral Energy stress ball around the street. "Golf Cricket" we coined it. It's like Golf but it's different, and it's like cricket but it's different. Hence Golf-Cricket.

Kicked back for another 4 hours kicking eachothers arses on the playstation at everygame we had.

Wrote up a list of "aims" for our lil road trip up to The Entrance. Ahmad placed bets on either Me, Joe or Turner getting Alchy poisoned. Pull out the stomach pumps. And the Putting machine is so coming with us. As is the Integral Stress Ball. Should be good though. DG's mum sumhow let us take their beachhouse for a couple of weeks. That was stupid decision #1.

Anyways ill tell u more about it when it's all over.


This week's essential mix brings the classics of 2002.

//this week's tuneskis
Goldtrix ft. Andrea Brown - "Trippin' (Cafe' Del Mar mix)"
Punk Kidz - "Chocolate Room"
Yonus Guvenen - "Ways Of Life"
Hemstock & Jennings - "Crimson Soil" [Tune of the week]
Main Element - "Take Me Down (Infusion remix)"

//classic of the week
Deep Dish with Everything But The Girl - "Future Of The Future"

//cd/mix of the month
Godskitchen - "Summer Trance"

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coffee and cigarettes pass time, soaking through the oak.

Oct. 23rd, 2005 | 05:30 pm
// feeling: busythey say im crazy
// on the ipod: Goldtrix ft. Andrea Brown - "Trippin' (Cafe Del Mar mix)"

Stacey runs around, barely, remeniscent of a headless chook. The onethirty rush is beginning to make it’s presence felt, the lifeless office scum coming out of their hiding holes, waiting impatiently for their cafeine fix... others stand outside, acting cool, hiding behind cigarettes, their habbit dwindling into an addiction. Now Stacey’s outside wiping down tables, her cloth is shabby, but still effective in erasing the evidence of the teeny-boppers that adorned these sidewalk chairs earlier. They thought that maybe if they were seen wearing aviator sunnies, whilst holding a medium takeaway cup filled to the brim with iced-coffee, that maybe, just maybe, Julian would notice them. But they don’t even like iced-coffee. They were more of mum-made-strawberry-nesquik-kind-of-people. And Julian doesn’t even flinch for these teeny-boppers. Not when at the age of 18, his bed hair, wornout chuck’s, girl jeans and vintage teeshirts make him attractive to his mum’s friends. Julian’s a regular here. He get’s his daily latte’ take awayed on his way to Brayden’s for band rehearsal.

Still, the smokey haze surrounds this buzzing café as Stacey helplessly tries to satisfy all the white-collars. The air reeks of sexual tension. George works upstairs as a male receptionist. Actually he prefers the name Mr LeWinn. He makes Stacey call him Mr LeWinn as he artistically paints pictures in the air with his fingers, pointing out all sorts of muffins, cakes and exotic biscuits along the way. He knows what they all are, what they all taste like, even how much he'll get charged, because he too is here everyday. Because he likes Stacey. Stacey doesn’t know that George LeWinn deals drugs up the road, and that it’s the drug money that paid for his Gucci suit. She did fuck him for money once though. But Mr LeWinn loves her. But he doesn’t know that Stacey secretly loves the man in line behind him, Brad. Brad doesn’t know much about anything. He’d wants to bone Carly, who's bending over infront of everyone, as she fills up the fridge with milk, her pink brazilian knickers showing. But Brad's fucked Stacey aswell. Apparantly he was the best fuck of her life. She now refers to it as the time 'they made love'.

Julian walks passed the shop. He glances inside. He's fucked Stacey too. But Stacey didn't enjoy it. Julian isn't as great as his coolness suggests.

I know all this coz I quietly sit here. Nobody notices my Asics Tigers or my $65 haircut. But I don’t mind. Aslong as these headphones stay wrapped to my head, my fingers keep typing away on my laptop, and nobody queries my hogging of the comfy couch, I’m all smiles. Besides, Mr LeWinn has AIDS. He just passed the HIV to Stacey who just passed it on to Brad and Julian. Carly's unsuspecting, but working with Stacey has corrputed her. She's only 16. Brad's got her wrapped around his finger. Maybe tomorrow she would have joined the club. Julian's passed it on to ALL the teeny-bopper's mother's friends.

I need more coffee.

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your so hot up against the wall.

Oct. 17th, 2005 | 03:23 pm
// feeling: relaxedchilled. on ice.
// on the ipod: Young Jase - "Saturday Night/Sunday Morning"

you know what i don't get... why it starts raining more during spring/summer than it does autumn/winter. Yea yea that that this about the water cycle- heat...water vapour...rain. but then why don't they just call it Wet and Dry seasons? not that i really care. but hay.

Speaking about seasons, Spring is here, and with Summer around the corner, House is making it's deep lil comeback. Forget the cheese. Bring me some deep sexy driving stuff. She's great aiin't she?. Thing is right, musics all moving and shit. Now everyone's into Electro. We're all in some sort of inbred world where Rock and Dance music people are finally getting along. Personally i think its a bit rough and mashed up but hay, nothing wrong with a bit of change?

Anyways just to get into the spirit of it all, i dug up some old house cds, and so this week, theres nothing trancey, nothing trippy, nothing on drugs. Its all solid house this week. special mention goes to that Floor Fillers Vol2 cd i got off T beginning of T last year and never got the track names for.


//this week's tuneskis
Soulsearcher - "Feelin' Love [Part 2] (Axwell Vocal mix)"
Black Legend - "You See The Trouble With Me"
Stacy Kidd - "Broken Glass"
Ben Watt - "Come Into My Room (Soul Vision "The Take It Back" mix) / "Wrong" (acapella) [Tune of the week]
Ben Watt - "Jazzy Kinda Sum'n"

//classic of the week
Laurent Garnier - "Man With The Red Face"

//cd/mix of the month
Mikki Zee - "The House That Mikki Zee Built"

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here, just give me the bloody pan. go have a lay on my bed.

Oct. 16th, 2005 | 06:56 pm
// feeling: ditzyditzy
// on the ipod: Harry "Choo Choo" Romero - I Got Back

i havn't had much time for useless rants that nobody reads, like on this thing. but i guess now that i'm finally at a stand still, and not.. around.. i guess i might aswell fill you bored sports fans on whats been materialising in my life last few days.

nothing really lol....

shit aye that got me far. well hsc starts tomorrow so for the past 3 weeks basically i've made the appearance at the library- as documented earlier. And - as documented earlier also - it's been the biggest waste of fuck-me time ever. Monday's sems at school weren't much better either. all i gained from that day was a SausagenEggMcMuffin, a coupla hashies, a free coke, jealousy over Joe's cone, my own cone, jealousy over Joe's BaconNEggRoll, and my own BaconNEggRoll. Oh and a serious punch on in the Casula-Mini-Maccas carpark... Clublocks and scared pedestrians and all.

im on a two-a-day-slurpee-addiction. me n the Servo guy are on hay-howsehgoin-today terms. Then again so are me n the librarian. which.. isn't so swell.

Made for some interesting post-library nights though. Walking Pepe's Rotwiller. Making Maccas wagers on the puttputt playoff between me n Peps in my lounge room. well. Lounge room- across the kitchen- past the dining room and into the formal loungeroom. Serious fucking golf action. Took a back seat to watch the Las Vagas hotties though.

36 magic clear supadoopas.

and making pancakes with Jess and Brese with Double-Choc Muffin Mix. thats mashed up, but fucken good shit. can't believe it worked.

sat around at the Twin's place. missed those Bechara girls lately aye. Good to catch up. and. waste precious study time. and eat Mrs B's hotdogs.

Blown so much cred on my Vin Diesel randoms and constant messaging special people.
love you cats.

Hate the Bechara's cat Louie though. fukn animal lol. ok i liked it untill i patted it and it attacted me. but hay.
always was more of a dog lover.

fuck the hsc.

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Silence. brought trance to the masses.

Oct. 11th, 2005 | 12:15 am
// feeling: crazyweee
// on the ipod: Delerium ft. Sarah McLachlan - "Silence (Tiesto remix)"

50 tracks that dominated my iPod button pushing:

01// Delerium ft. Sarah McLachlan - "Silence (Tiesto's In Search Of Sunrise remix)"
02// Plummet - "Damaged (Neo & Farina remix)"
03// BT - "Mercury & Solace (BT12 - Mastermix)"
04// Motorcycle - "As The Rush Comes (Armin Van Buuren's Universal Religion remix)"
05// Andain - "Beautiful Things (Gabriel & Dresden remix)
06// Unknown Source - "Cruentus"
07// Above & Beyond ft. Andy Moor - "Air For Life (Airwave remix)"
08// David Hobson & Lisa Gerrard - "TV Screen Memories"
09// Dj Hooligan - "Hear You Know (Grand Chillas mix)"
10// Andain - "Summer Calling (Josh Gabriel Mix)"
11// Andy Moor - "Halcyon"
12// Tilt - "Twelve (Max Graham remix)"
13// Adam White ft. Martin Grech - "Ballerina"
14// Noa Assembly - "Into The Fire"
15// Oceanlab - "Satellite (Original Above & Beyond mix)"
16// Dj Shog - "Running Water (Shog's 2Faces mix)"
17// Koris vs Djule - "Sense Of Time (Morph vs Sirocco remix)"
18// Ijojs – "Physical Overdrive"
19// Lost Tribe - "Gamemaster (Original mix)"
20// Above & Beyond - "No One On Earth (Gabriel & Dresden Vocal mix)"
21// Gabriel & Dresden vs Armin Van Buuren - "ZoCalo"
22// Armin Van Buuren ft. Jan Vayne - "Serenity (Original mix)"
23// Solarstone vs. Scott Bond - "Naked Angel"
24// Mona Lisa Overdrive - "Born To Synthesize (Neo & Farina dub mix)"
25// Agnelli & Nelson ft. John O'Callaghan - "Shiver (Original mix)"
26// Paul Oakenfold - "Southern Sun (Tiesto mix)"
27// Jan Johnston - "Calling Your Name (Neo & Farina remix)"
28// Max Graham ft. Jessica Jacobs - "I Know You're Gone"
29// Reflekt ft. Delline Bass - "Need To Feel Lived (12' Club mix)"
30// Perpetuous Dreamer - "The Sound Of Goodbye (AVB's Basic Instinct remix)"
31// BT - "The Force Of Gravity (Tiesto remix)"
32// Estuera vs Re:locate - "Palma Solane"
33// Motorcycle - "Around You (Before We Fade Away) (Gabriel & Dresden remix)"
34// Rui Da Silva - "Touch Me"
35// Sarah McLachlan - "World On Fire (Junkie XL remix)"
36// Conjure One - "Tears From The Moon (Tiesto's In Search Of Sunrise remix)"
37// Vengaboys - "Paradise (Album mix)"
38// TasteXperience - "Highlander"
39// D'Angelo - "Feel Like Makin' Love"
40// Orbital ft. Lisa Gerrard - "One Perfect Sunrise"
41// Ali McGregor - "One Perfect Day (Paul Van Dyk remix)"
42// Deep Dish - "Say Hello (Original mix)"
43// Dogzilla - "Without You"
44// Mike Foyle vs Signalrunners - "Love Theme Dusk (Mike's Broken Record mix)"
45// Way Out West - "Don't Forget Me (Riley & Durant mix)"
46// Gabriel & Dresden - "Arcadia"
47// Martin Roth - "Hands On Keane (Vocal mix)"
48// Hamstock & Jennings - "The Passion (Original mix)"
49// Armin Van Buuren - "Shivers (Alex M.O.R.P.H.'s Redlight Dub)"
50// Above & Beyond - "Alone Tonight"

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whisper in your ear.

Oct. 10th, 2005 | 04:31 pm
// feeling: bouncyeargasm.
// on the ipod: Judge Jules - Live @ Mysteryland (August 27, 2005)

"if i could talk to you, embrace you, whisper in your ear... i would tell you... that you...are...the only thing i need"

i need to go buy some stuff. like maybe a new pair of headphones. i've turned into one of those audiophiles that need serious headphonage for their music and not the gay-white-bud-things-that-crack that ipod issue out with their stock-standard-goods. Had this lengthy discussion with Hul's bout the pros/cons of earphones/headphones, and their evil ability to seriously mess up your life during your arthritis prone days. Im in some sort of warped balance between spending the $250 on schmick headgear, or not, considering my strike rate with absolutely demolishing them after a few coz of my over-usage-and-chucking-in-the-bag-problem.

speaking about big money and things i want. the Tsubi Book comes out this week. Thursday i think. $90. bout fuckin' time too. im in this drought of creative inspiration and, tsubi, the shepherd-that-leads-us-sheep, is my oasis. The sort of book that drips in creative goodness, reeks of beer and sex, and all things good. the last book i loved to death, i lost. "The Nobody Manifesto". and the boys at Nobody denim, wont send me a new one... theyre probly laughin. fuckers.

my current headphones lived around me neck this week. so many hours spent studying at the library, and just lying around- whether it be a mates couch, the library floor, or my kitchen bench - there was plenty of time for music. Some weeks you spend hours listening to new sets and tracks and you're not moved. Other weeks, you fine gems that last you till your battery goes flat. you find gems that instead of putting you into trance-like-sleep, rather keep you awake, riding on the rainbow, till the dawn breaks. A no-mercy assault on the senses, it's intoxicating rhythm captivating your soul, making you lose control...then you eargasm. And you find yourself wet in the euphoria that is...the Sound Of Music.


//this week's tuneskis
Dogzilla - "Without You"
Koris vs Djule - "Sense Of Time (Morph vs Sirocco remix)" [tune of the week]
Triballa - "Triballa (North Dakota remix)"
Absolute - "Xfactor"
Mark Thornton - "Now You See (Ross Assenheim Remix)"

//classic of the week
Rui Da Silva - "Touch Me" [In Search Of Sunrise 2]

//mix of the month
Ernesto vs Bastian - Live on Melomania Deluxe (05 September 2005)

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you touch my mind in special places.

Oct. 8th, 2005 | 12:26 pm
// feeling: contemplativetouch me.
// on the ipod: Armin Van Buuren - Live @ Museumplein, Amsterdam (02-06-05)

saturday. and stuff. its like, early as for a saturday. coz i've managed to get up at the wee hours of 9 last few days to head down to the library. been an increasingly difficult effort to get any work done over there. its just WAY to social now.

Last night was Green Valley Fridays were on lastnight. Mrs S came round to use my computer. Jessski Fedeli came round too. They talked to my mum for ages about shoes and handbags and shopping in Asia.

Me n D talked to me dad about... driving...maps and . stuff.
and the cricket. Holden means a great deal to Australia.

Ivy hooks-dit-up-like-at-the-cantina at Blockies. Whata fuckin top bird aye. We got Hostage.
Good lil change from a week of studying and that. They spun two of my favourites on the radio on the short way home from Blockies- the classic Rui Da Silva - "Touch Me" and the newie ish Armin van Buuren - "Shivers". made my night. definately.

Mobil needs to get it's Slurpy machine sorted out. Shell, just needs to get it running.


Rui Da Silva - "Touch me"

You will always be my baby
I'm always thinking of you baby, yeah

Touch me in the morning
And last thing at night
Keep my body warm baby
You know it feels right

Take a little higher
I'm thinking it too (too)
Tell me what you're feeling
I feel it with you

We can only understand what we are shown
How was I supposed to know our love would grow

Come a little closer
Things sure are looking up
Heal me with your loving
I need you so much
I need you so much
I need you so much


We can only understand what we are shown
How was I supposed to know our love would grow

We can only understand what we are shown
How was I supposed to know our love would grow

You touch my mind in special places
My heart races with you

I'll take your love and I'll take my chances
I'll take them with you

We can only understand what we are shown
How was I supposed to know our love would grow

You touch my mind in special places
My heart races with you

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