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weekend kickoff.

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Sep. 16th, 2005 | 07:17 pm
// feeling: irritatedgo the swans.
// on the ipod: Gabriel & Dresden vs Armin Van Buuren - "ZoCalo"

Swans - St Kilda game is about to kick off. should be a fucking cracker.
had another chilled back day today. got hooked up from breshets- scored a Kebab for lunch....

and so the weekend is here... may it bring tantillising beats, gorgeous weather, and memories to last forever.

stay beautiful.
forget the psp. you have more fun playing google games.
directions: type "(your first name) is" in inverted commas into a google search. then pick out your favourite 5 responses.

01. "Daryl is not... well he never was completely human."
02. "Daryl is doing very well in his therapy."
03. "Daryl is kidnapped from the laboratory and finds himself placed in an idyllic foster home."
04. "Daryl is assaulted by a Mexican hitman and on the run from the NYPD."
05. "Daryl is in the gutter, even though it's a Gucci gutter."

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