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Sep. 25th, 2005 | 09:32 pm
// feeling: busybuzzing.
// on the ipod: Tiesto - In Search Of Sunrise 3

i got asked to respond to this comment as part of primary research for a friend's uni assignment today.

"Do you think it's proper to download music off the Internet, even if it's illegal?"

For the most part, the general feeling is that downloading music off the internet, is well, unethical. "it's robbing the artists". This this that. That that this. But is it really as bad as it all seems?

It all comes back to why people download in the first place. Plain and simply. It's cheap. Like dirt cheap. Like i half worked out more or less how much exactly I've saved by downloading off the net, and well... K, maybe it IS stealing. Like it's free almost. Like my dad pays for the ISP and the rest Like everything though, in moderation right? Put it this way, i own a 40GB iPod and don't care for mini's or nano's coz they wouldn't fit my needs. My headphones virtually live around my neck, and my neighbour complains about my music at 5clock in the afternoon.

The internet is the most amazing resource. Like that bald dude from Fast & Furious said - "The Internet...You can find anything about anybody".

In the case of music, the internet allows us to get a hold of stuff that we normally cant. In my case, the bulk of tracks I seek never get released as cd singles in the first place. Heck, some don't make it as albums either - all just on 12" vinyls. Now, heres the problem. i a)don't have $30 to throw on ONE track, and b) I don't own a record player either. Now, if it wasn't for the lucky few who are nice enough to throw rare as vinyl onto the net as mp3s, i would be one musically deprived kid.

Ok, fair enough, there are cds that did get released that i want aswell. But, i argue, like the many downloaders out there, that buying cds is often easier said than done. CDs, especially back dated ones, are often hard to track down. I've found myself downloading cds and dj mixes that date back years. Case in point - Tiesto's "Magik" and "In Search Of Sunrise" cds. Arguably the greatest collection of music ever compiled, in Australia, is suprisingly hard to get a hold of. I have yet to see the complete sets of both Magik (7 editions) and ISOS (4 editions) on shelves in Australian stores. I've only recently found a store in Bondi that stocked a fair few of them, but even there, it was something like, $40 a cd. Consider this, for those 11 cds, i'd have to pay $440... thats more than my yearly internet bill... and i could download those cds in a week on my 56k.

Now I'm sure MR Tiesto himself doesn't mind my downloading, why? well yes im stealing his music, but its just like radio - Having downloaded his stuff, next time he's down in Australia playing a crowd of thousands (that he probably got paid tens of thousands for a coupla hours on the decks), i'm going to be there, paying that $100 for a ticket. And so will the other thousands of fans from downunder.

People tend to forget that there's more to artists earning money than selling cds. theres the concerts, endorsements/sponsorships as well. And thats where the BIG money is. Think, how many cds would an artist have to sell (assuming they're gettin the few dollars, if that, per cd), in order to make as much money as in one sold out concert, where each seat might cost $50, $60, $80, $90 or dollars.

Fair enough for struggling artists downloading tracks might not be good for their pockets. But publicity is publicity. Theres these guys at my school that play in a band called Page. Actually they're pretty good. Heaps good to tell ya the truth. A big part of their publicity comes from people downloading their stuff off the net, coz theyres no way they can afford actual advertising. And well, it works for them. They get more downloads than The Butterfly Effect, and they've got a growing fan base. Once people have heard their free downloads, they actually make the effort to go and see them at the local.

Is downloading really that unethical? i highly doubt it.

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from: anonymous
date: Sep. 26th, 2005 12:40 pm (UTC)

isnt it like taping music off the fucken radio? lol. same shit.

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