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in search of sunrise.

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Sep. 26th, 2005 | 10:38 pm
// feeling: busybuzzing. again.
// on the ipod: Young Jase - Saturday Night/Sunday Morning (disc2)

it occured to me right, whilst being stuck in this lull that is this holiday (be it "study break") before the hsc, that we are all on a quest for something. A career. A steady job maybe? K, mayb just A job. Then you have the picky fucks that are after a UAI of esactly 86.75 to get into their course of "mind-games-to-play-with-peoples-heads-and-control-them-coz-when-i-grow-up-i-wanna-own-you". The bigpicture group who - well just want to - be happy -. But what is happy right? i mean, who actually WANTS to be sad? you recon bus drivers grow up wanting to become bus drivers? just so snotty lil shits can throw banana peals at them on the trip home?

Whatever being happy is...it's gonna be a tough ask finding it. kinda like that whole - you're not going to get anywhere without a sense of direction. you need to know WHAT'S gonna make you happy. I'm asking too many questions of you i hear you say? ...

Whatevr it is... i'll find it. and when my sunrises, you'll know.


//this week's tuneskis
Andy Moor - "Halcyon"
Tilt - "Twelve (Max Graham remix)"
Adam White ft. MArtin Grech - "Ballerina"
Kyau vs. Albert - "Made Of Sun (KVA Hard Dub - Armin Van Buuren Edit)"
Oceanlab - "Sirens Of The Sea (Kyau vs. Albert Vocal mix)" [tune of the week]

//classic of the week
BT - "Mercury & Solace (BT 12 mastermix)"

//mix of the month
Tiesto - The Essential Mix (Live @ Cream, Amnesia - Ibiza) (August 4th, 2005)

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from: procrastinating
date: Oct. 1st, 2005 12:06 pm (UTC)

You have a livejournal too?

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