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last drinks.

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Oct. 3rd, 2005 | 11:56 am
// feeling: artisticlast drinks.
// on the ipod: Eluna - "Severance (Markus Schulz & Elevation Mix)"

so last night was the NRL grandfinal. staying true to what our group does, it meant we were all at Joey's. they're such entertainers. you thought joey was loud? wait till you meet his dad. his dad and his mates are more immature then we are. but hay thats kinda cool right. specially when it's 11 at night and the Tigers just won and everyone's on the piss and they got a shitload of bungers and theyre throwing them at eachother. doing burn outs on the big harley's and turning eachother's fuel off so the engine killed 100ms up the road. and thats all just the oldies.

'twas such a good day though. aiint nothing like a spring Sunday arvo, kicked back, breathing in the Pig on a Spit, and Goat in chilli pasta sauce. OMFG that was, deadset, the best feed, in a long while. All the boys. Talking cars, chicks and footy behind cigars and beers.

heres a tip. if something's at joe's place. don't drive there. you wouldn't be able to drive home. we're talking a fridge full of beers. Not like, your normal everyday, eggs-and-thursdaynight-leftovers-kinda-fridge, im talking at-his-bar-clear-doors-nothing-but-alchy-sorta-fridge-filled-to-the-brim. And don't get me started on the walk-in-industry-size-cooler-room in the back-shed-thats-bigger-than-my-house. Boys, we're still trying to tuck into the pallet of Coronas. A fucken pallet. not a six pack. not a case. A fucken pallet. like, a case of cases. And that's just the Coronas. and the box of limes.

made for a good footy game out in the paddock and then an interesing tennis tournament on his tennis court. had to roll up my socks and the flood lights had to get switched on.

but the Big Game was what we were all there for. $20 baught you in on the player pool. i drew Oneill which was fucked coz he never was gnna score a try anyway. Made a deal with Trendy that if we put our players together, we could split the prize money if one of us won. he drew Travis Norton. Who DID score, but fucker scores with 20 to go and so someone else won the "last to score" prize money. it was something like $340 or something. and $340 went to whoever drew Matty Bowen for first try scorer. Made for more yelling and excitement than the actualy result of the game. Someone's mate had won $15,000 on a $50 bet he placed at the beginning of the year- on a Swans/Tigers premiership. Lucky Fucker.

and what about the other joe who looks about 25 but is really 17 and got absolutely sloshed and all he would talk about was "rooting the bitches". he downed 3 beers in as many minutes to wash out the burn from Napoli's famous Chilli sauce. Dunno how much that helped him though. Didn't see him without a drink all day and night.

memories that rolled late into the night.
it'll probly be the last drinks till after the hsc.
fuck the tigers.
have a good one ah.
stay beautiful.


//this week's tuneskis
D'Angelo - "Feel Like Makin' Love"
Ernesto vs Bastian - "A Few Seconds After Trancefer(original mix)"
Eluna - "Severance (Markus Schulz & Elevation Mix)"
Sarah McLachlan - "World On Fire (Junkie XL remix)"
DJ Shog - "Running Water (Shog's 2Faces mix)" [tune of the week]

//classic of the week
DJ Hooligan - "Hear You Now (Grand Chillas Mix)" [Tiesto's In Search Of Sunrise 3: track2]

//mix of the month
Ernesto vs Bastian - Live on Melomania Deluxe (05 September 2005)

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from: procrastinating
date: Oct. 3rd, 2005 11:41 am (UTC)

>.< Oh man. That's ALOT of Beer.

I hope you guys behaved had fun. ;)

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