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here, just give me the bloody pan. go have a lay on my bed.

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Oct. 16th, 2005 | 06:56 pm
// feeling: ditzyditzy
// on the ipod: Harry "Choo Choo" Romero - I Got Back

i havn't had much time for useless rants that nobody reads, like on this thing. but i guess now that i'm finally at a stand still, and not.. around.. i guess i might aswell fill you bored sports fans on whats been materialising in my life last few days.

nothing really lol....

shit aye that got me far. well hsc starts tomorrow so for the past 3 weeks basically i've made the appearance at the library- as documented earlier. And - as documented earlier also - it's been the biggest waste of fuck-me time ever. Monday's sems at school weren't much better either. all i gained from that day was a SausagenEggMcMuffin, a coupla hashies, a free coke, jealousy over Joe's cone, my own cone, jealousy over Joe's BaconNEggRoll, and my own BaconNEggRoll. Oh and a serious punch on in the Casula-Mini-Maccas carpark... Clublocks and scared pedestrians and all.

im on a two-a-day-slurpee-addiction. me n the Servo guy are on hay-howsehgoin-today terms. Then again so are me n the librarian. which.. isn't so swell.

Made for some interesting post-library nights though. Walking Pepe's Rotwiller. Making Maccas wagers on the puttputt playoff between me n Peps in my lounge room. well. Lounge room- across the kitchen- past the dining room and into the formal loungeroom. Serious fucking golf action. Took a back seat to watch the Las Vagas hotties though.

36 magic clear supadoopas.

and making pancakes with Jess and Brese with Double-Choc Muffin Mix. thats mashed up, but fucken good shit. can't believe it worked.

sat around at the Twin's place. missed those Bechara girls lately aye. Good to catch up. and. waste precious study time. and eat Mrs B's hotdogs.

Blown so much cred on my Vin Diesel randoms and constant messaging special people.
love you cats.

Hate the Bechara's cat Louie though. fukn animal lol. ok i liked it untill i patted it and it attacted me. but hay.
always was more of a dog lover.

fuck the hsc.

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Comments {1}

vin diesel

from: anonymous
date: Oct. 17th, 2005 11:14 am (UTC)

hmmm. i digg the billy jokes better. lol. billy's my kinda kid =)

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