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you still have a hold on me.

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Oct. 26th, 2005 | 01:33 pm
// feeling: awake is the new sleep.
// on the ipod: Sash! - "Stay"

Theres something about Joe's place that always gets us all chilled out and relaxed. Maybe coz it's funner than Wonderland used to be in it's prime days. Anyways so we hit Joe's yesterday after the Italian boys had finished their Italian HSC for a nice layed back afternoon. I think we only anticipated being here for a coupla hours, to properly organise our lil 10 day road trip to The Entrance. But i guess, as you come to expect at Joes, from the second you press the button on his front iron gate and it opens and Joe's voice echoes on the intercom "come straight through to the games room"... you just know thats not all you're going to get up to.

By the time i get down the his 200m long driveway, and eventually round to the games room, i open the door to find, as per usual, all the boys kicked back eating pasta. The bells of the pinball machine still ring in my ears and the flashing lights still there when i close me eyes.

Hit the tennis court for some knockouts lol. Kinda a laugh when only two people out of all ten of us are capable of hitting the ball back properly over the net.

We got the paddy basher started. Didn't look to healthy with the massive cavity smack bang in the middle from the tree Joe his before. But, we got it started. and we got it going. and we got a few helly's in between trees and shit. Not the smartest idea we ever had. and there were a few close calls. but all made for a good laugh. Then Joe's dad egged the car as it went past. Chilli Chilli racing. Andrea's and DG's cars went round for a few hellys aswell. Joe's grass is absolutely ripped.

Eventually it got a bit hot and we all hit the pool. Bit of 4 on 4 watervollyball. lol we're so fukn lame. But it nonetheless all good. Got a bit agressive, few flying balls to the head and bit of wrestling under the net during the change of ends. They won. They were all tall. My short team struggled in the deep end lol.

Out of the pool they pulled out the Js. And along with it came the laughs.
"oh shit it fell off it's only the filter left... oh wait it's still good theres some on the corners"

"right who ate all the pasta sauce"
"i had 4 plates"
"you big gaylord"
"ah wells Chinese it is then"

dancing in the dark, pumping Sash's all time greatest's hits. "adelante"..."stay".
bit of Puff Daddy - "come With Me" got everyone pumped.

ordered $90 worth of Chinese takeaway.
"send the rainbow steak".
"Shit theres no rainbow left"
"i got a surprise"
"whats the surprise"
*enter joe with more rainbow
"oh fukn mad more rainbow"
"is that you're big surprise???"
"Dean fuck you get out, you're not getting any. not even any onions".
"see this onion, *eats it* that was you're onion".

"Do they know we're wacked?"
"i think we hide it well"
"stils did you know we're wacked"
"i've never seen people wacked before"
"ohhhhh yes we hide it well"
*hi5s all around.
"Daz are my eye's red?"
"oh shiiiiitman, these eye drops don't do anything"
"i can't take eye drops, my eyes are allergic to them"

"Hay dean i dare you to eat allll that chilli".
"Fuck send it here, ill eat it"
"OMG guys we have a groundbreaking situation, daryl has decided to eat the chilis"
"Wait leave me a couple"
"you fukn have chilli's in everything you eat"
"oh shit watch he's eating it"
"Ahhhhha it burns ah"
"daz man you're really gonna hafta talk English for me to understand what you're saying, i'm wacked"
"you're always wacked".
"No but right now, im wacked wacked. i havn't been this wacked in wacky"

"we've come to the conclusion that if you were to loose both you're arms mick, you'd still be able to smoke gunji, coz you could hold it with you're toes"
"man thats just fukn wrong"
"nah serz Mick show everyone you're toes"
*Mick shows everyone his toes
*folds all his toes cept his middle toe, which dead set looks like he's sticking his rude finger up" .
"man you're wacked".
"youre second toe is bigger than your big toe".
"you recon if you didnt have all 10 toes you could still walk?"
"nah you need them for balance n shit, if you didn't have em all you'd be off balance"
"piss off the pinky toe doesn't do shit"

"if you could have ANY wish come true right now, what would it be"
"1000 more wishes"
"thats not a wish"
"yea it is"
"nah thats a bullshit wish, you'll have 999 wishes and you're last one would be 'another 1000 wishes', you can't do that, i've seen Aladin"
"OHHH ALADIN lets go watch Aladin"
"Yea i got it inside let's go inside"
"nah man mums home, we're all wacked"

"we'res the big House?"
"that's a reallly dumb question to ask in this area"
"Nah but like the big big house"
"still a dumb question"
"ohh nah i get what you're talking about"
"Nah miles away."
"Catherine Field's isn't it?"
"Or Raby"
"Used to be Raby, but now Catherine Fields, Raby, Catherine Fields, Raby"
"yea Catherine Fields"
"Yea used to be Raby, Catherine Fields"
"wtf. That entire conversation just consisted of the word's Catherine Field's and Raby"
"Ha we're wacked"
"are you wacked?"
"Yea i'm wacked."
"imagine you're mum asked you that, what do you do mannnnnnn?"
"she has, she found weed in my jacket once."
"this very jacket"
"yeaaaaa that very jacket"
"That's when you know you're wacked, when you punch drugs with you're mum"

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