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abandoned cars blocking sleepin cul-de-sacs in a sleepy town...

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Oct. 31st, 2005 | 09:59 pm
// feeling: accomplishedhappy...and stuff.
// on the ipod: Tiesto - In Search of Sunrise 3

...kept awake only by the damn teenager's busting system which thumps tuneskis untill the wee hours of the morning.

numbers game.
- the number of GBs of music.
240:26:27 - the number of hours (240), minutes (26), and seconds (27) it would take to play every track.
2977 - the number of individual tracks
1137 - the number of different artistsfrom 1137 different artists,
126 - the number of whole albums
33 - the number of live dj sets from clubs/raves
545 - the number of tracks that aren't off a cd or dj set.
671 - the number of tracks that the Bonkers series has.
23 - the number of albums and live sets Tiesto takes up.
122 - the number of tracks that Tiesto either produced or included in his mix on my computer.
31:12:05  - the number of hours (31), minutes (12), seconds (5) it would take to play every Tiesto track.
46 - the number of tracks the second most person has, Scott Brown.
29:31 - the most played section of any album, the first 29:31 of "In Search of Sunrise 3"
123:47 - time it takes to play my longest continous audiofile, Armin Van Buuren - "A State Of Trance ep200"
00:06 - time it takes to play my shortest continous audiofile, Hemmesphere - "Welcome To Hemmesphere 3"
1444 - the number of tracks that havn't been played in the last 4months.
9/11/03 - the date the first track on my computer was put on,  Plummet - "Damaged (Neo & Farina remix)"
3 - the number of headphones hanging over my bedhead at the moment.

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Comments {2}

thats a mighty large amount of songs.

from: anonymous
date: Oct. 31st, 2005 11:33 am (UTC)

i think the 6 second song is cute? lol. sounds dumb. but im being honest.

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from: skeleton_jar
date: Nov. 1st, 2005 02:47 am (UTC)

hehe that bored aye?

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