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studying hard. as.

Oct. 4th, 2005 | 07:02 pm
// feeling: artisticon fake bubbly.
// on the ipod: Ernesto Vs. Bastian - Melomania Deluxe (05 September 2005)

so the countdown till the HSC is trickling down to single digets. which is, well, quite scary aye. us Green Valley people decided to hit the library "every day" of the holiday. it's sorta of working. i've been... 3 times so far aye.

for the most part we're getting study done. but we seem to take alot of.. breaks. theres the smocko breaks. the lunch breaks. the slurpy breaks. the get-up-n-stretch breaks. the sore-eyes breaks. the distracted-by-the-gf breaks. the distracted-by-other-couples-gettin-heavy-in-the-library-right-infront-of-you breaks. the non-alcoholic-bubbly breaks. the glucose-lolly breaks. the lets-go-to-the-youth-centre-and-play-pool breaks. the lets-go-look-at-the-books-for-sale-for-10c breaks. the lets-ask-the-librarian-with-the-hot-accent breaks. the lets-read-mens-health-magazine-and-learn-pick-up-tips breaks.

today was particularly hard to study. the place reaked of sex. youre usual library - silence, hot reading glasses, eye contact between pages, footsies, sexual tension... i brought Stilsi with me for the exact reason that Coty was with Rahul, and Dani was with Albert, but Stils had enough so he called Jess to come down. which well. yea. left me with. study to do. lungers.

we needed a reload. so me n rahul skipped it down to Coles, for some basket groceries. Strawberries. Apples. some V. we were amazed to find some Bubbly bottles on Coles shelves. but on closer inspection, found them actually to be non-alcoholic bubbly. still, all good fun for the trip to the library, at $3.06. baught a Cow mug too so we had something to down it in.
long story short, we made a friend drink it and he thought it was real bubbly and he was acting all Smashed and wasted and well . we had the last laugh.

back to study tomorrow.

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last drinks.

Oct. 3rd, 2005 | 11:56 am
// feeling: artisticlast drinks.
// on the ipod: Eluna - "Severance (Markus Schulz & Elevation Mix)"

so last night was the NRL grandfinal. staying true to what our group does, it meant we were all at Joey's. they're such entertainers. you thought joey was loud? wait till you meet his dad. his dad and his mates are more immature then we are. but hay thats kinda cool right. specially when it's 11 at night and the Tigers just won and everyone's on the piss and they got a shitload of bungers and theyre throwing them at eachother. doing burn outs on the big harley's and turning eachother's fuel off so the engine killed 100ms up the road. and thats all just the oldies.

'twas such a good day though. aiint nothing like a spring Sunday arvo, kicked back, breathing in the Pig on a Spit, and Goat in chilli pasta sauce. OMFG that was, deadset, the best feed, in a long while. All the boys. Talking cars, chicks and footy behind cigars and beers.

heres a tip. if something's at joe's place. don't drive there. you wouldn't be able to drive home. we're talking a fridge full of beers. Not like, your normal everyday, eggs-and-thursdaynight-leftovers-kinda-fridge, im talking at-his-bar-clear-doors-nothing-but-alchy-sorta-fridge-filled-to-the-brim. And don't get me started on the walk-in-industry-size-cooler-room in the back-shed-thats-bigger-than-my-house. Boys, we're still trying to tuck into the pallet of Coronas. A fucken pallet. not a six pack. not a case. A fucken pallet. like, a case of cases. And that's just the Coronas. and the box of limes.

made for a good footy game out in the paddock and then an interesing tennis tournament on his tennis court. had to roll up my socks and the flood lights had to get switched on.

but the Big Game was what we were all there for. $20 baught you in on the player pool. i drew Oneill which was fucked coz he never was gnna score a try anyway. Made a deal with Trendy that if we put our players together, we could split the prize money if one of us won. he drew Travis Norton. Who DID score, but fucker scores with 20 to go and so someone else won the "last to score" prize money. it was something like $340 or something. and $340 went to whoever drew Matty Bowen for first try scorer. Made for more yelling and excitement than the actualy result of the game. Someone's mate had won $15,000 on a $50 bet he placed at the beginning of the year- on a Swans/Tigers premiership. Lucky Fucker.

and what about the other joe who looks about 25 but is really 17 and got absolutely sloshed and all he would talk about was "rooting the bitches". he downed 3 beers in as many minutes to wash out the burn from Napoli's famous Chilli sauce. Dunno how much that helped him though. Didn't see him without a drink all day and night.

memories that rolled late into the night.
it'll probly be the last drinks till after the hsc.
fuck the tigers.
have a good one ah.
stay beautiful.


//this week's tuneskis
D'Angelo - "Feel Like Makin' Love"
Ernesto vs Bastian - "A Few Seconds After Trancefer(original mix)"
Eluna - "Severance (Markus Schulz & Elevation Mix)"
Sarah McLachlan - "World On Fire (Junkie XL remix)"
DJ Shog - "Running Water (Shog's 2Faces mix)" [tune of the week]

//classic of the week
DJ Hooligan - "Hear You Now (Grand Chillas Mix)" [Tiesto's In Search Of Sunrise 3: track2]

//mix of the month
Ernesto vs Bastian - Live on Melomania Deluxe (05 September 2005)

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in search of sunrise.

Sep. 26th, 2005 | 10:38 pm
// feeling: busybuzzing. again.
// on the ipod: Young Jase - Saturday Night/Sunday Morning (disc2)

it occured to me right, whilst being stuck in this lull that is this holiday (be it "study break") before the hsc, that we are all on a quest for something. A career. A steady job maybe? K, mayb just A job. Then you have the picky fucks that are after a UAI of esactly 86.75 to get into their course of "mind-games-to-play-with-peoples-heads-and-control-them-coz-when-i-grow-up-i-wanna-own-you". The bigpicture group who - well just want to - be happy -. But what is happy right? i mean, who actually WANTS to be sad? you recon bus drivers grow up wanting to become bus drivers? just so snotty lil shits can throw banana peals at them on the trip home?

Whatever being happy is...it's gonna be a tough ask finding it. kinda like that whole - you're not going to get anywhere without a sense of direction. you need to know WHAT'S gonna make you happy. I'm asking too many questions of you i hear you say? ...

Whatevr it is... i'll find it. and when my sunrises, you'll know.


//this week's tuneskis
Andy Moor - "Halcyon"
Tilt - "Twelve (Max Graham remix)"
Adam White ft. MArtin Grech - "Ballerina"
Kyau vs. Albert - "Made Of Sun (KVA Hard Dub - Armin Van Buuren Edit)"
Oceanlab - "Sirens Of The Sea (Kyau vs. Albert Vocal mix)" [tune of the week]

//classic of the week
BT - "Mercury & Solace (BT 12 mastermix)"

//mix of the month
Tiesto - The Essential Mix (Live @ Cream, Amnesia - Ibiza) (August 4th, 2005)

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Sep. 25th, 2005 | 09:32 pm
// feeling: busybuzzing.
// on the ipod: Tiesto - In Search Of Sunrise 3

i got asked to respond to this comment as part of primary research for a friend's uni assignment today.

"Do you think it's proper to download music off the Internet, even if it's illegal?"

For the most part, the general feeling is that downloading music off the internet, is well, unethical. "it's robbing the artists". This this that. That that this. But is it really as bad as it all seems?

It all comes back to why people download in the first place. Plain and simply. It's cheap. Like dirt cheap. Like i half worked out more or less how much exactly I've saved by downloading off the net, and well... K, maybe it IS stealing. Like it's free almost. Like my dad pays for the ISP and the rest Like everything though, in moderation right? Put it this way, i own a 40GB iPod and don't care for mini's or nano's coz they wouldn't fit my needs. My headphones virtually live around my neck, and my neighbour complains about my music at 5clock in the afternoon.

The internet is the most amazing resource. Like that bald dude from Fast & Furious said - "The Internet...You can find anything about anybody".

In the case of music, the internet allows us to get a hold of stuff that we normally cant. In my case, the bulk of tracks I seek never get released as cd singles in the first place. Heck, some don't make it as albums either - all just on 12" vinyls. Now, heres the problem. i a)don't have $30 to throw on ONE track, and b) I don't own a record player either. Now, if it wasn't for the lucky few who are nice enough to throw rare as vinyl onto the net as mp3s, i would be one musically deprived kid.

Ok, fair enough, there are cds that did get released that i want aswell. But, i argue, like the many downloaders out there, that buying cds is often easier said than done. CDs, especially back dated ones, are often hard to track down. I've found myself downloading cds and dj mixes that date back years. Case in point - Tiesto's "Magik" and "In Search Of Sunrise" cds. Arguably the greatest collection of music ever compiled, in Australia, is suprisingly hard to get a hold of. I have yet to see the complete sets of both Magik (7 editions) and ISOS (4 editions) on shelves in Australian stores. I've only recently found a store in Bondi that stocked a fair few of them, but even there, it was something like, $40 a cd. Consider this, for those 11 cds, i'd have to pay $440... thats more than my yearly internet bill... and i could download those cds in a week on my 56k.

Now I'm sure MR Tiesto himself doesn't mind my downloading, why? well yes im stealing his music, but its just like radio - Having downloaded his stuff, next time he's down in Australia playing a crowd of thousands (that he probably got paid tens of thousands for a coupla hours on the decks), i'm going to be there, paying that $100 for a ticket. And so will the other thousands of fans from downunder.

People tend to forget that there's more to artists earning money than selling cds. theres the concerts, endorsements/sponsorships as well. And thats where the BIG money is. Think, how many cds would an artist have to sell (assuming they're gettin the few dollars, if that, per cd), in order to make as much money as in one sold out concert, where each seat might cost $50, $60, $80, $90 or dollars.

Fair enough for struggling artists downloading tracks might not be good for their pockets. But publicity is publicity. Theres these guys at my school that play in a band called Page. Actually they're pretty good. Heaps good to tell ya the truth. A big part of their publicity comes from people downloading their stuff off the net, coz theyres no way they can afford actual advertising. And well, it works for them. They get more downloads than The Butterfly Effect, and they've got a growing fan base. Once people have heard their free downloads, they actually make the effort to go and see them at the local.

Is downloading really that unethical? i highly doubt it.

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Sep. 24th, 2005 | 12:31 pm
// feeling: calmcalm before the storm.
// on the ipod: Hemmesphere 2

its been a couple of days since the sun set on school forever. its so weird coz i kinda wish it was still around so i had something to livejournal about. nonetheless im loving these last few chilled out days, kicking back, and pulling out the Pete Murray, all the Jack Johnson and all 3 of the Hemmesphere cds.

Things are starting to pick up again though. just submitted a coupla new things on deviantART, and the AFL final's on later. Gonna be hitting some prawns on the barbie and sum gourmet hotdogs!. Then should be hitting a movie later tonight and maybe then Amici's or DaVinci's for pizza and a coffee and a chat. Just hopefully an old lady doesn't ramraid his car again.

Life's way swell.

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heres to the beginning of forever.

Sep. 21st, 2005 | 10:53 pm
// feeling: accomplishedcheers.
// on the ipod: Andain - "Beautiful Things"

so today was the post graduation breakfast. aiin't nothing like waking up at 6.30 in the morning, to have to line up behind 200hungry kids to get some tucker for the day. nonetheless, any day where bacon and eggs and hashies is on the menu, is a good day. and what a good day it fucking was.
breakfast wsa followed with some bullshit awards, some drama acts, and a baton twirler... and a whole lot of laughs.

back at school we had our last ever assembly. cheesy year 12 leavers thing. that bloody VitaminC track. but they hooked it up with some other songs tuneskis aswell. sad times when everyones crying and saying they're last goodbyes to eachother. you sorta look forward to finishing yr12 all your life up until that moment, and you realise you like the routine... and don't wanna let go. its the end of what you've always known. you'll lose contact with half the people you thought were good friends. but, you'll never lose memories. for memories are all you have that are trully yours. memories to last forever.

but then all the sadness dissappeared i guess, when the grade hit it down at Cronulla. good to see though that most poeple went. the boys, the nerds, the introverts. everyone. everyones cheering. buzzing. drinking. eskys full of beer. the grade getting smashed by alchy and the waves. by music and well, eachother. it was a chilled back day to remember.

chilled down at sunset, lying on the back seat with Chanelle... the sky was pink... the tuneskis were lush... there wasn't a worry in the world. and at that exact moment. i knew. i knew, that it didn't matter whether i hooked up my hsc, or became rich, with fast cars, big houses and beautiful women. because at that moment, with the tunes putting me in a trance as i lay there with Chan, looking out the window at the sunset... that, without a worry in the world... this was all i needed.

cheers sports fans, for the past thirteen years. we lift our beers, and toast, to tomorrow... the beginning of forever.

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so many times.

Sep. 19th, 2005 | 10:41 pm
// feeling: gratefulway swell.
// on the ipod: Hemmesphere 3

its manic monday...
i graduate tomorrow.
no more school. ever. fuck.
but i guess it's for the better. not like we're doing anything anyway. school's become one big social thing. sunbaking. chess. lot's of cameras. funky spring tuneskis. ice teas. sexy sunnies. pizzas.

and so ... after thirteen long fucking years. it's finally over.
and i'm going to miss it. alot.
tomorrows the grad mass.
day after that is the grad breaki.
then it's the unofficial grad beach party.
should be a way swell next few days.
washed down with a few beers.
and a hotdog.

so many times. memories to be kept.
summer's around the corner.
spin the tuneskis and lets get this party wet.


//this week's new tuna
Mike Foyle vs. Signalrunners - "Love Theme Dusk [Mike's Broken Record Mi]"
Max Graham - "Does She Know"
Agnelli & Nelson - "Shiver"
Cloudchaser - "Aerodynamic" [Alphazone remix]
Dark Moon - "Hear Me Calling"

//classic of the week
Tiesto - "Theme From Norefjell"

//mix of the month
Tiesto - The Essential Mix (Live @ Cream, Amnesia - Ibiza) (August 4th, 2005)

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deafening silence.

Sep. 18th, 2005 | 01:02 am
// feeling: mellowmellow.
// on the ipod: Tiesto - In Search Of Sunrise

so the sun rose this morning. twelve hours later i finally brought myself to open my eyes. ended up at Westies with Stephanie L and Salim. shoppping for gifts for Offord and Gatone. ended up gettin Offy a hipflask engraved with "homeroom 30 2005" on it. and bought Gats this awesome black Guess wallet, which i so want now.
Steph is hot lol.
Salims a top bloke.
i saw Siobhan at work.
and Samantha F aswell... but i see her everyday.
she's kinda hot too lol.

played chess all night with dad while watching the footy.
chess is a bit huge now lol.
dad beat me...
all night.

stay beautiful.

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weekend kickoff.

Sep. 16th, 2005 | 07:17 pm
// feeling: irritatedgo the swans.
// on the ipod: Gabriel & Dresden vs Armin Van Buuren - "ZoCalo"

Swans - St Kilda game is about to kick off. should be a fucking cracker.
had another chilled back day today. got hooked up from breshets- scored a Kebab for lunch....

and so the weekend is here... may it bring tantillising beats, gorgeous weather, and memories to last forever.

stay beautiful.
forget the psp. you have more fun playing google games.
directions: type "(your first name) is" in inverted commas into a google search. then pick out your favourite 5 responses.

01. "Daryl is not... well he never was completely human."
02. "Daryl is doing very well in his therapy."
03. "Daryl is kidnapped from the laboratory and finds himself placed in an idyllic foster home."
04. "Daryl is assaulted by a Mexican hitman and on the run from the NYPD."
05. "Daryl is in the gutter, even though it's a Gucci gutter."

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hook it up.

Sep. 15th, 2005 | 05:38 pm
// feeling: bouncygabriel n dresden are.. gods..
// on the ipod: Ferry Corsten - Live @ FFWD Festival 2005 (August 13, 2005)

the mexican waves my homeroom we're doing today at mass practice was just wet. the other classes have nothing. we got ... spirit. and a gaylord teacher. the nobody wants to chip in for the traditional presents we buy for teachers. quite rightly so. we want Offord back. - we love you offord, we do, we love you offord, we do, we love you offord, we do...OOooOOOOooh offord we love you. *toot toot*-

and so today i finally dragged my arse into Westies for some quality time with Sammy. it's been a while aye. meant too that i got pick up this weeks 3dWorld (OMG GABRIEL AND DRESDEN!!!) and the new FashionJournal, Catmag, and Attitude... free mags is my... muse. or whatever you twisted fuckers call it.

anyway so today i apparantly someone pulled some strings and got me tickets to Field Day (OMG). i wont be 18 by newyearsday2006 but hay can always pull a fakie or something. everyones going. should be. grand.

i really should enter my UAC applications soon.

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