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Sep. 14th, 2005 | 10:23 am
// feeling: aggravatedcoz she wont shut up.
// on the ipod: Jumping Jack - The Art of Trance (cd1)

sitting here. double business services. miss is still talking. nobody's listening. hernan and deon just got sent out. corey's next to me listening to gabber...playing solitare...downloading some dj sets on the school systen. ten minutes to go. chicken just got busted playing virtualcop. and he's supposed to be the good one in the class. i've made thirtysix ipod selections since we sat down. my battery is a quater used up. shuttfup already.

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the essential mix.

Sep. 12th, 2005 | 12:25 am
// feeling: ecstaticbecause music is my everything
// on the ipod: Armin Van Buuren - A State Of Trance 2005 (cd1 - Light)

"it's more than a love for music. it's a passion. it goes beyond liking, beyond a hobby, it's about a way of living... music is essential for my life" - armin van buuren

Ever been consumed? Like the way cute, lil' chubby kids consume icecream cake? Or the way two people madly in love consume each other? Physically. Or the way the devastating tsunami in Asia consumed the lives of thousands, not to mention touched millions around the world? And how about the way trends consume our money? How we are forever digging deep into our pockets to be seen with the latest Pumas, or the funkiest Mavi’s, Diesel’s and Lee’s. What colour's your iPod?

But ever been consumed by music? Electro music? The way it’s wickedly manipulated beats takes you on a journey, lifting you higher, to a place nothing else has ever taken you. A sound so luscious, so orgasmic, it’s like a true ecstasy, a utopia, a place of total enlightenment. A state of trance.

There’s just something about this music. The way it just sucks you in, and makes all your worries disappear. The way it frees the soul, makes you froth even. The way it makes you want to dance, to scream, to cheer and laugh and go ballistic…and loose control.

There’s just something about the likes of Tiesto, Oakenfold, Van Buuren, Above & Beyond, and Gabriel & Dresden. And their total control of a crowd. For these people don’t just want to party-party-party...The feeling is greater than that.

They say a picture speaks a thousand words. I say music speaks a thousand pictures. Because no amount of words I blab can ever fully describe the feeling it brings. Nothing can, except music itself.

There’s just something about this music. Something about the way it consumes you.
Be consumed. **

(**originally written April the 11th, titled "Consumed")

//this week's new tuna
Jonas Steur - "Silent Waves"
Above & Beyond vs. Andy Moor - "Air For Life (Airwave remix)"
Ijojs – "Physical Overdrive"
Deepsky ft. Jes Brieden - "Ghosts (Filo & Peri Remix)"
Lost Witness - "Home (Mike Shiver Remix)"

//classic of the week
Oceanlab - "Satellite (original above & beyond mix)"

//mix of the month
Tiesto - The Essential Mix (Live @ Cream, Amnesia - Ibiza) (August 4th, 2005)

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chilled out sundays.

Sep. 11th, 2005 | 04:26 pm
// feeling: relaxedbecause it's Sunday.
// on the ipod: Markus Schulz - "Live @ Armada Night - Ibiza (July 12 2005)

i cant remember the last time i actually did anything productive on a Sunday. it's one of those days in the week that just get wasted because you're in anticipation for Monday. i'm kicked back, relaxed, reading a fresh batch of Monster Children, and Sunday Magazine, ice tea in one hand, and the other in my pocket. Music's been playing basically non-stop since i bought this fucker in 2003. But thats me i guess, it's never silent in this house.

The footy's on. Eels//Eagles game. I hope the Eagles win just to piss Moo n Brese off. But i doubt it. it's 16-0 atm Eels way so.

And what about the Swan's on Friday Night? *sings "We love you Nick Davis, we do, We love you Davis. We Do... We love you Davis, We Do... OoooOOoOOOoH Davis we love you *BEEP BEEP*" *stop singing. Oh too good. me n dad were jumping up and down hugging eachother. too bad the Bulldogs didn't get up this year in League.

Theres only a week n a bit to go of school. I'm going to miss it like crazy. No more... bludging. No more missing classes to stick my posters up on the walls. No more missing classes to get leadership food, or organising the After Party --- Tickets $50, need it in this week --- or raughting the cantina to my entire group, and then some. I don't think my group paid for lunch all year... Proof i guess of life being about who you know.

My ice-tea's almost finished. And so is this dj set.

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"bandwagon" bandwagon.

Sep. 11th, 2005 | 12:09 am
// feeling: sympatheticthree mins, twelve secs ago.
// on the ipod: Tiesto - The Essential Mix (Live @ Amnesia, Ibiza 04-08-05)

i was watching some free dvd the other morning... the type you pick up at the doorstep of some hip-and-happening clothes store that pumps sexy tuneage and only hot people with fake smiles work at and ask you how-you're-goin. the dvd was all flash and free and beautiful. models... music... what more could you ask right? in reviewing some new indie band to come out from the shadows of Melbourne, the voice over guy proclaimed "jump on this bandwagon now."

It hit me, like a yr6 bully trying to score lunch, that our world is run by trends. We all jump on bandwagons, that jumping on a bandwagon is a bandwagon in its self. Where the bandwagon is fucking huge... of Noah's Arc proportions. Forget George "when i grow up, i wanna be taken seriously" W. Bush... Or Johnsiieeeee for that matter. if you want serious pulling power, get yourself a Ford Ute (10 points to you if you actually got that joke//) or a pair of Lee's Supatubes. Coz nobody's going to notice you if you don't. Not even if you proclaimed to have weapons of mass destruction coz that is way not cool anymore, and so summer '01.

In the end, it's why we all listen to funky house. It's why we stopped listening to funky house, and started listening to electro...and deep house...and breaks... Why we stopped buying dad socks for Fathers Day, and bought him a new cover for his iPod instead - the denim one you got free at the Urban Store when buying a pair of Mavi's.. which too. is a bandwagon....

The irony about it all, is we all follow trends, and mirror the person standing at our shoulders, to be different, and set our selves apart from the rest. That's exactly what fashion is. A product of individuality.

Like all things classic, shouldn't it be the fact, that, whether noboody or a million people, think something is cool, and worships it like a Maccas burger, then... despite it's new found popularity, that thing be just as cool? Isn't a song you once loved, still the same song, even though it's now received more radio overplay than Gwen Stefani?

As I sit here with my rocker watch and showered hair, pasted to look like i just rolled out of bed, i realise that we are all sheep. And, that guy who first had the faux mohawk and Lacoste loafers, is probably laughing.


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